Prizes & Awards

Punggol Soka Centre

Singapore’s NTU Academic Building South is a 6-storey Mass Engineered Timber (MET) building with teaching spaces on the 1st to 3rd storey, research centre on the 4th storey, faculty offices on the 5th to 6th storey, 1 basement and 1 single-storey M&E ancillary block in Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

By RSP Architects Planners & Engineers Pte Ltd

Prizes & Awards

Recognition of Project Team

The award recognises the project team comprising:

  • the Architect;
  • the Owner / Client;
  • the Main Contractor;
  • 5 Consultants/Specialists of mention (C&S, M&E, QS, Lighting, Interior)

Design Award and Merit Award

Winning projects will receive a Design Award or Merit Award. Plaques will be presented to the following:

  • one for the Architect, and
  • one wall plaque for the building (for the owner/client).

A certificate will be presented to the respective parties in the project team.

There may be more than one Design Awards or Merit Awards for each category, or none. The Jury has sole discretion of this.

Special Awards: Design of the Year

Subject to Jury’s findings, SIA will consider:

Design of the Year

This will be selected from the Design Award winning schemes of the SIA Architectural Design Awards 2024. This will be solely awarded to SIA registered Architects.

Publicity for Winning Schemes

The winning schemes (Design of the Year, Design Awards and Merit Awards) will be hosted on the SIA website.

The applicant of a winning project shall be invited to give a presentation and guided tours at the annual Archifest /Architours and to attend the award presentation during the SIA Annual Dinner, as a winning team.


Entrant may send queries in English by email to SIA Secretariat at Such email shall clearly state “SIAADA 2024” as the subject heading. Only upon receipt of an acknowledgement email sent by the SIA Secretariat shall the query be officially registered for a response. Deadline for submission of questions is 20 Feb 2024.

Responses to all queries will be made known via a posting on Awards Website ( on or before 29 Feb 2024.

Entrant who elects to apply for participation after 20 Feb 2024 shall void their rights to submit any query. However, a copy of the responses to the registered queries will be extended to these late applicants.

Intellectual Property Rights

SIA shall have the right to publish, display, reproduce or otherwise publicise or communicate all submissions submitted, subject to appropriate citation and acknowledgement of the authors. Such right shall be exercisable by SIA without any payment, charge or fee whatsoever to any person.

SIA reserves the right to retain all submissions for the Competition for display after the winning ideas have been announced.



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