Queries received for SIA Architectural Design Awards 2024

S/N Query Response
1. There is one project that we would like to participate for the SIA Awards. This particular project involved collaboration between both the local architect (as project architect role and SIA member) and the foreigner architect (as designer / design architect but Non-SIA member). In this case, please advise how to go about it in terms of the process of registration and submission so that the credits not only go to the local architect but also to the foreign architect as well? Eg. Are we able to put both architects’ names during the submission, etc.? In the submission portal, there will be consultants’ information and their roles to be filled. You can input the foreign architect’s information there as Design Architect.
2a. Regarding the project cost, can we clarify what this entails? Does it include only the final construction costs or is it also supposed to include the professional fees of all consultants or submission fees? The final construction Cost without any professional fee and submission fees.
2b. Do we need to submit any documentary proof of the total project costs, especially for the “Small houses” Category? Documentary proof of the total project costs is not required within the submission as we accept all submissions in good faith. However, should there be any subsequent requests by the jury and/or the competition committee, the final accounts summary for the project will need to be submitted. Please note that SIA ADA committee reserves the right to withdraw the award should the construction cost exceed the 2.5 million.
3. All SIA Fellow & Corporate Members are invited to submit projects for selection in all Categories A to F. Please clarify if an interior design project undertaken by a BOA corporate member under his interior design company is eligible, even if the submitted project is not the registered architecture firm stated in their practicing cert. The competition is open to SIA registered architects only and submission of the project should be under the registered architecture firm of which the SIA member is practising.
4. We’re writing to clarify on the following eligibility criteria: “The projects submitted must have been completed during the last 5 years and with TOP obtained latest by 1 March 2024.” We have a project that we would like to submit for this award. The project’s TOPs were awarded in different phases, with the latest awarded on 21 September. The development started operations in March 2023, and officially opened in November 2023. It has an upcoming TOP for a small segment of the development, which it aims to receive by 31 March 2024. In this case, with an upcoming TOP for a project that is already in operation, may we know if the project is eligible for participation? The TOP obtained by the 1 March 2024 should cover the project’s main spaces which highlight the strengths and main concepts of the design. If the TOP after 1 March 2024, covers minor spaces that do not significantly contribute to the overall conceptual cohesiveness, the project is eligible for submission.
5. (1) Can an A&A project that has recently been an award recipient for NParks’ Landscape Excellence Assessment Framework (LEAF) for 2023 be eligible to participate in the SIA Architectural Design Awards? (2) Which category would be appropriate for the submission of an A&A project for a high-density residential condominium project involving the change of facade and enhancement of new residential facilities, with commercial on the 1st Storey? – Category A3: High-Density Housing – Category B3 Mixed Developments (Shopping, Office, Apartment, Hotel) – Category E2: Alterations & Additions (for all building types) A& A projects recently awarded NParks’ LEAF are eligible for submission, as long as the entrant is a SIA registered architect. Please submit in the Category E2. Indicate all the new A&A elements so that the Jury panel is clear what parts constitute the proposed design and new interventions.
6. I am writing to request an extension for the submission deadline of the design awards. We have a project that is close to completion and an extension would be greatly appreciated. We have received many extension requests. We are please to inform the deadline will be extended to the 29 Mar 2024, 2400 hours (12 midnight). This extension is final.
7. We intend to submit our overseas hospital project for the Design Awards. We were not the QP for the project, but involved up to the completion stage in capacity of Design Architect, Medical Planner and Interior Designer. The categories we intend to submit our project under are: C4 Overseas Institutional Projects E5 Overseas Projects for Special Categories F4 Overseas Interior Architecture Projects Kindly advise if we are eligible to participate. SIA registered architects are eligible to submit overseas project in collaboration with that nations’ QP. Do acknowledge the overseas architect as the submission architect and SIA registered architect as the Design Architect, Medical Planner or Interior Designer.
8. For this year’s SIAADA, we are considering to submit a project that is built on land zoned as Industrial/Business Park, however the building functions as an office and R&D facility. In this case, can we clarify if we should submit it to the category of B1 Office Buildings, or D1 Industrial and Utility Buildings? Please submit the project under the building use. You may rely on the major use quantum for classification of category. Should the use quantum be evenly proportioned, you may also opt to consider it a Mixed Development. We will leave it to the architect to define use of the project. The Jury also has the authority to shift the category of the submitted project that it seems more appropriate. We do not disqualify entries based on this, as there are many buildings that are difficult to categorise.

Entrant may send queries in English by email to SIA Secretariat at ada@sia.org.sg. Such email shall clearly state “SIAADA 2024” as the subject heading. Only upon receipt of an acknowledgement email sent by the SIA Secretariat shall the query be officially registered for a response. Deadline for submission of questions is 20 Feb 2024.

Responses to all queries will be made known via a posting on Awards Website (www.sia.org.sg/awards/siaada2024) on or before 29 Feb 2024.

Entrant who elects to apply for participation after 20 Feb 2024 shall void their rights to submit any query. However, a copy of the responses to the registered queries will be extended to these late applicants.

Intellectual Property Rights

SIA shall have the right to publish, display, reproduce or otherwise publicise or communicate all submissions submitted, subject to appropriate citation and acknowledgement of the authors. Such right shall be exercisable by SIA without any payment, charge or fee whatsoever to any person.

SIA reserves the right to retain all submissions for the Competition for display after the winning ideas have been announced.



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