Tan Szue Hann

Tan Szue Hann

Council Member

Now is the time for a continued industry leadership, as we emerge from the COVID-19 crisis. I have seen and experienced how the incumbent team has set the pieces in place, in creating positive action for the architecture community – and industry at large – with a collaborative voice and through forward-looking lenses. This is exemplified in our continued pursuit for recovery from the pandemic crisis.

I would very much like to continue supporting this cause, and to continue championing sustainability for the environment and for the profession. I hope my experience in practice in multiple aspects in the industry, and relevant local and international appointments, have given some insights on how the profession can become even more relevant on a global scale.

I would like to continue working with the Council team in the collective pursuit of strong emergence, professional excellence, innovation and sustainability. We are getting there.

Now is the time to carry on the good momentum.

I seek, in earnest, your most valuable support.