Melvin Keng Xin’en

Melvin Keng Xing'en

Council Member

Melvin has been actively involved in contributing to the institute since he joined as a corporate member in 2016. Since 2016, he has been an integral member of the Young Architect’s League (YAL) committee, co-chairing in 2016-2017. He has been championing to create and build a community amongst the younger sections of the industry and to promote and push the presence and works of young practices.

In 2017, The Singapore Architect (TSA) magazine went through a major revamp and Melvin was appointed Art Director to oversee the new art direction of the magazine. He worked closely with the Chief Editor and the Publication committee to ensure the magazine remains relevant and engaging; whilst balancing the economic viability. He is currently still helming the position of Art Director.

In 2019, Melvin also assumed the position of Chief Editor for the institute’s newsletter, INSIGHT. He transformed the newsletter completely by recreating new content structure and giving the newsletter a more corporate identity. It has since become a key mode of communication, even during the Covid-19 circuit breaker.

Melvin has assumed positions in Council in 2016, 2018 and most recently, 2020 again. Being one of the younger members in the Council, he sees himself as representing the younger community of the industry/ members. He acknowledges the importance of the young voice and promoting young practices, as he believes that the next generation of architects must be nurtured and supported from their early days.

Melvin run his own practice with a team of 4 and enjoys mentoring and working closely with his younger colleagues.