Ho Sock Yee

Ho Sock Yee

Council Member

Sock Yee graduated from University of Tasmania with a Bachelor degree in Architecture in 2006 and a Master in Architecture with Honours in 2008. She has been a registered Architect with the Boards of Architects, Singapore, since 2012.

She is now teaching as a full time lecturer and manager in Temasek Polytechnic, Diploma in Interior Architecture and Design. She was previously a director in VivATA Pte Ltd and worked in VivATA Pte Ltd from 2008 to 2018.

She is currently the Chair of SIA-SMAP Committee and member of the Education Thrust. She is involved in the development of SIA-Practice Management Framework (PMF) Development, reviewing of current APC’s contents.

As an Educator and also a Practising Architect, she always believes in contributing and building the architecture fraternity in Singapore, believing in the bio-diversity between practice and education. By joining as council member, she can be actively involved in and lead the community to generate greater awareness and appreciation of the value of good design and equitable conditions of appointment in the built environment. Being involved in both roles also allow her an opportunity to promote excellence in design through all aspect, continuing of professional development and promoting quality design education.