Catherine Loke

Catherine Loke

Council Member

I have served on Council from 2012-2020, chaired the SMAP and Architect’s Appointment Committees, and served as 1st Vice-President in Council Years 2018/2019 and 2019/2020.

Under my leadership, the SMAP and AA Committees have produced the SIA Practice Management Framework (PMF), the SIA Scope of Service Matrix, the SIA Minor Work Contract 2012, the SIA Minor Works Sub-Contract, the annual Why Architect? Forum, and the soon to be published SIA Blue Book. I intend to build on this foundation to give our fraternity good practice tools and concrete steps we can take to help us practise in a healthy manner, be more competent and competitive, and manage our risks.

For the past 6 months I have been working with the PMF Working Group to formulate the PMF course and hope to roll it out in Council Year 2021/2022. As we recover from the economic impact of COVID-19, it is the opportune time to improve the way we work and structure our practice.

I seek election so that I can continue to lead members to organise ourselves, critique ourselves, and take practice to a higher level.