Adrian Lai

Adrian Lai

Council Member representing Associate & Student Members

Adrian Lai served as an SIA Council member during the short 60th Council term in 20/21. During his first term, he
was co-chairperson of the Internationalisation and SMAP committees in the Practice Thrust and the Young
Architects’ League (YAL) and the Membership committees in the Institution Thrust.

In this intense council year during a critical period for the country and our profession, Adrian engaged members
and Enterprise Singapore to chart out a roadmap for members to find opportunities abroad. Concurrent efforts
for member architectural practices to consolidate their USP (unique selling point) or VP (value proposition) for
internationalisation were also kickstarted and ongoing.

Adrian is a fervent supporter of small as well as young architecture practices, knowing the critical role these
practices play in our profession and built environment landscape. Through YAL roundtables with young QPs and
practitioners, students and faculty of universities and polytechnics, and his teaching appointment as Adjunct
Assistant Professor at the NUS, he endeavours to lift up the young in our profession. Having been a critical
member of the design and delivery team of award winning designs like Khong Guan Building and Gardens by the
Bay in Singapore; and Guangzhou IFC in China, Adrian seeks to contribute to the further evolution of our
profession to recognise and uplift every aspect of our architecture profession – through practice, design, education
and the institutional.

Adrian is a registered Architect in the UK and Singapore. His education and practical training has taken him to
London, Hong Kong and Guangzhou in China and back to Singapore in 2008. He runs Meta Architecture and
holds the appointment of Adjunct Assistant Professor at the NUS. He hopes to be able to continue to contribute as
a representative of small practices seeking design excellence and professional standards in Singapore and abroad.