Young Architectural League

Hey Y’all,

The YAL is an organisation within the SIA with a mission to engage and serve the architectural community, aspiring architects as well as architectural students in Singapore.  It serves as a platform to foster dialogue and interaction, as well as public outreach, in order to meet the needs and aspirations of Student and Associate members.


Let’s face it, you know it is tough being here. As a student, you have to endure five long years of training – the classes, studio hours, the devastating crits, that lingering doubt that you should be doing something else.

And it gets more complex when people move into work life, with its unrelenting pace and everything that conflicts with that-- Does one avoid the opacity of practice and regulations and stick to design? How does one learn to bear professional responsibilities, when the starting curve is so dauntingly steep?  Is it worthwhile integrating into practice the state of the art from the domain of research and vice versa? Will bridges be burned moving from one field to another? For both those who have toiled for years and the ones eager to be on the fast track, how will experience or lack of it translate, when the various tests for professional status, not merely the academic kind, come into play?

In short, how would one find meaning and fulfilment in this, and keep what dreams one has alive?

Well, unfortunately, the YAL has no answer to that, meaning in life is as one makes it. However, what the YAL knows at its core, is that a journey is best taken together, and membership starts with the simple willingness to not be alone in all this.

To help, the YAL is creating and partnering up to create activities, opportunities, events based on the interconnected 4Cs of…

Culture – How can one do better, if one does not know better? This core principal represents the YAL’s mission to enrich our members through music, films, dialogues, recitals, exhibitions, as well as putting together members with similar interests who would wish to share and create together.

Career – Well this one is obvious. Beyond the core practices, there are increasingly diverse, interesting, yet affiliated fields:- sustainability, holistic care, industrial ecology, parametric, etc. Career advice, talks, exchanges and other programmes that help build your knowledge base and help focus your passion.

Curriculum – AKA education (needed the C). There is the PPE, but you should never stop learning, even for the exam adverse amongst us. Finding and signing up for the right Contract Administration courses is just as important as learning carpentry, 3d printing or salsa.

Community – It’s not a zero sum game, Architecture is about people.  Learn to use your increasingly awesome powers for good by getting involved with projects for the less fortunate, with other architectural/design associations both local and international. Also networking and endless canapés.

Come join us, let’s go build a better world together. That’s what we are here for.


Note : - Now, our operation is small but there is a lot of potential for… aggressive expansion. So if any of you fine people would like to join our team, either at a committee level or something with less time commitment, please forward your particulars, with a brief summary of your passions and interest to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Young Architectural League
Luther Seet – Co-Chairman
Siow Zhi Xiang – Co-Chairman
Jerry Ong – Member
Mark Wee – Advisor