16th SIA Architectural Design Awards 2016

The SIA Architectural Design Awards is the most prestigious award conferred by the Institute to promote distinction in architectural design.

This award series recognises the achievements of SIA members in their pursuit of architectural excellence and motivates architects to push the boundaries with innovative solutions. The Institute aims to imbue architects with the relentless mindset of continually achieving greater heights, leading to the vision of Singapore architecture being acknowledged as world class standards. The Awards also aim to heighten the appreciation and patronage of good architectural design from both the architectural fraternity as well as the general public.

The judging criteria of the SIA Architectural Design Awards are:

  • originality and innovation,
  • sensitivity to context,
  • sustainability,
  • response to climate,
  • response to users’ needs and
  • elegance of construction and detail


by a judging panel of industry professionals comprising


Jury Members   Designation   Organisations / Firms
1.   Prof Richard KF Ho   Design Thrust Chair /
  Singapore Institute of Architects
2.   Prof Jeffrey Huang   Head of Pillar (Architecture and
Sustainable Design)
  Singapore University of
Technology and Design
3.   Mr Siew Man Kok   Chairman / Director    MKPL Architects Pte Ltd
4.   Assoc Prof Wong Yunn
  Head of Department of
  National University of Singapore
5.   Mr Rocco Yim   Executive Director   Rocco Design Architects Limited



Mr Teo Yee Chin (Chair, SIA Awards Committee / Red Bean Architects)

A total of 13 Design Awards and 14 Honourable Mentions are awarded in 6 categories. In addition, one project is awarded as the “Best Project Constructed under $2 Million” and one other project as the “Building Of The Year”.



Building of the Year


Best Project Constructed under $2 Million


1. Category: Residential Projects
Design Award

Honourable Mention


2. Category: Commercial Projects
Design Award

Honourable Mention


3. Category: Institutional Projects
Design Award

Honourable Mention


4. Category: Industrial, Transport & Infrastructure Projects
Honourable Mention


5. Category: Special Categories
Design Award


Honourable Mention


6. Category: Interior Architecture Projects
Design Award

Honourable Mention