Workplace Safety & Health

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The WSH Committee deals with workplace safety and health matters, in particular in regard the architectural profession in a construction industry context.

A key topic for SIA in WSH is 'design-for-safety' ("DfS", aka 'safety-through-design'). In 2012 SIA joined IES, ACES, REDAS, SCAL, SIB, SISV & SPM as a join signatory to the CIJC:Pledge for DfS, as a public commitment to the promotion of DfS in the construction industry. The DfS objectives for the committee are as follows;

  • To advise SIA Academy in it's organisation of the DfS Coordinator Course (for which SIA is an accredited trainer under MOM/ WSH Council).
  • To continuously promote design for safety and health as part of the Architect’s competency in architectural design
  • To promote Architects as industry leaders with regard to designing for safety and health in buildings. 

The WSH Committee's undertakes active participation in the Design-for-Safety Sub-Committee to the WSH (Construction & Landscape) Committee under the WSH Council. The Committee work closely and provides constructive feedback to WSH Council in promoting the adoption of acceptable practices relating to design for safety, health and welfare at work.

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Chairman Darren Benger
Members Chan Kok Way
Dr Chris Vickery