Resource & Technology

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The Resource & Technology Committee was setup with the objective to explore, review, share and update new IT technologies/processes/tools that will be beneficial to architectural practice especially for members and the building industry.

The objectives for the committee are as follows

  • Practice - To provide practitioners with practice needs / tools eg Design Object Library (DOL)
  • Authority’s Engagement – To engage with BCA to participate in the redevelopment of the NPQS
  • Awareness Programme - To promote and raise the level of awareness to members on the effectiveness and benefits of Building Information Modeling (BIM) more of a process change(rather than a tool) to the  architectural practice


Chairman William Lau

(SIA BIM Interest Group)

Loh Ju-Hon


Ben Thum
Daniels Chandra
Eric Lim
Gerald Tay
Ho Tzu Yin
Ian Lander
Jim Tan
Kuan Chee Yung
Lim Chiauw
Ong Eng Liang
Thomas Ho
Resource Person Tan Boon Soo