Building Contracts

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Scope of Work

The Building Contracts Committee is responsible for the development and review of SIA Forms of Contracts (i.e. Lump Sum Contract, Measurement Contract and Sub-Contract). In addition, the committee has also produced the corresponding Guidance Notes for Contracts and Specimen Forms and Certificates.

SIA New Building Contract

The Sub-Committee has been formed and tasked to work on a new version of SIA Building Contract since September 2011.

Professor Justin Sweet has been appointed to work with the Sub-Committee to draft the new version of SIA forms of Contract including D&B Contract for local and international uses.

The main features of the new version of SIA forms of Contract are:

  • to retain the spirit of Duncan Wallace’s provisions;
  • to pro-business;
  • to be in plain English and short sentences;
  • to avoid dispute by identifying risks and allocating risks so that parties are able to work on the risks or price for the risks in their tender; amd
  • to provide single point project management approach under the Architect.

The new version of SIA forms of Contract would be scheduled to publish in third quarter of 2014.

Contracts Committee 2014/2015

Chairman Chan Kok Way
Legal Advisor Raymond Chan
Advisor Ashvinkumar
QS Advisor Seah Choo Meng
QS Advisor Billy Wong
Members Darren Benger
  Benedict Lee
  Leong Tatt Man
  Lim Kheng Chye
  Johnny Tan
  Benson Wee