SCL: SIA Articles and Conditions of Contract for Minor Works 2012

SIA Articles and Conditions of Contract for Minor Works 2012 (5.00-7.30pm, 24 November 2015, Intellioffices, Level 11, 146 Robinson Road)

In December 2012, the Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA) published the SIA Articles and conditions of contract for minor works 2012 (MWC 2012).The MWC 2012 was written to address the unique challenges of smaller projects, often involving lay Employers such as house owners, management corporations, companies carrying out renovations to their own premises, etc., new statutes and the use of electronic communication.

While there are currently no cases involving the MWC 2012, this talk aims to introduce the new features of the MWC 2012 to prepare the dispute resolution fraternity ahead of such cases.  This talk will cover:

1. A brief background of the MWC 2012 and SIA Contracts in general

2. The considerations for the updates, including relevant cases at the time

3. Contractual procedures to address common areas of dispute, particularly three significant areas where the MWC 2012 differs from the SIA Building Contract 9th Edition:

  •  Payment and the SOP Act
  •  Extension of Time and Liquidated Damages
  •  Dispute Resolution Mechanisms and Arbitrator's powers

SILE Public CPD Points: 1.5

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Celebrating SCH 50 - Talk by Datuk Lim Chong Keat - Concept, Design and Acoustics of the SCH


Listen to the Original Architect of SCH
Speaker: Datuk Lim Chong Keat
Date: 31 Oct 2015 (Sat), 3pm - 4pm
Venue: Concert Hall
Book your tickets on:

Who was the original architect behind this national monument? What inspired the design of SCH? The original architect of SCH, Datuk Lim Chong Keat, will present his inspiration and concepts on the design of SCH.  Datuk Lim will also explain the acoustic treatment designed for the Concert Hall with a demonstration.

NUS Guest Lecture Series: Construe and Construct 3 by Studio Bikin [Malaysia] & Lekker Design (Singapore)

You are cordially invited to The Guest Lecture Series 2015/2016:

Title: “Construe & Construct 3”
Date: 2nd October 2015 (Friday)
Time: 4pm to 6.30pm
Venue: LR 424, SDE 3, Level 4, National University of Singapore.

“Construe & Construct 3”


Both words take root from the Latin word ‘struere” meaning to build.

“Construe” is a process to analyze and to explain while “Construct” is an action to assemble and to build. The making of architecture begins with the imperatives of analyzing and knowing, leading to realization by means of construction. “Construe” enables us to understand and to know, leading to “Construct”, an empowerment to formulate and make from knowing.

Construe & Construct is a guest lecture and exhibition series organized by the Department of Architecture, National University of Singapore.

The third in this series; will showcase the architectural works of two young practices from South East Asia. Lekker Architects is based in Singapore and Studio Bikin is a Malaysian practice. This is a platform for the two partnership practices to discuss about their creative works and challenges operating in this sunny, humid, wet and culturally diverse context. “Construe & Construct” helps them frame their narratives, giving us a better insight to their process of making architecture and design.


Studio Bikin

Farah Azizan a graduate from Nottingham University and the AA, co-founded Studio Bikin in 2011 with Adeda Askandar who received her architectural education in Cambridge University. Each of them has about a decade of practice experiences before setting up their partnership in KL, Malaysia.

Their practice is diverse, extending beyond architecture and interior; dabbling into artistic installation and exhibition. “Kedai Bikin” is the brand of furniture that they have designed. They are also active in teaching and reviewing design in local architectural schools.

They have a manifesto that describes their commitment in the craft of design, their belief in making things with their hands and the notion that God is in the details. They are sensitive to the user’s needs and the context in which the architecture is set in. They are passionate about the idea that architecture is organic and the aging process is natural, inevitable and unavoidable, hence through good design even the spaces we use and live in can shape and age gracefully with us. They believe in enjoying the process of their work to preserve sanity, good judgement and humour.

Lekker Design

They are a Singapore-based practice specializing in buildings and environments. Co-founders Ong Ker-Shing and Joshua Comaroff began working together as Lekker Design in 2002, after studying architecture and landscape at Harvard University.

Their approach combines the specific requirements of the client with a range of ongoing explorations in geometry, in material and detail, and in architectural meanings and typologies. These do not result in a signature style so much as a way of thinking about how the elements of a building might go together.
They work for a range of private individuals, firms, institutions and government agencies. Recent projects have included houses and landscapes, as well as master planning and furniture design.

They remain interested in research and writing projects, and the intersection of academia and practice. They recently published “Horror on Architecture” a book of architectural history and theory. They have also published the book “A Different Class: Preschool Spaces Redefined”, a study commissioned by the Lien Foundation to imagine ten preschool buildings for unusual sites.

Kindly note that there is:

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Registration for CPD points will start at 3.30pm and end at 4.30pm, outside LR424.

The url for the online registration is

Do register early as there are limited seats available. Online registration for this event ends on 1st October 2015 (Thursday), 5pm. However, you may also attend the event without any prior registration but it will be subjected to seats availability.

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