SCL: Practical Problems Arising from the Pacing of Delays on Construction Projects

Wednesday 24 February 2016, 05:00pm - 07:30pm
Location :Intellioffices, Level 3, 146 Robinson Road, Singapore 068909
Date: Wednesday 24 February 2016
Time: 05:00pm - 07:30pm

The talk will focus on pacing of delays, a prevalent occurrence on construction projects both in Singapore and abroad. There is unfortunately little literature, and a paucity of legal authority on this difficult subject. Employers and contractors thus often find themselves at odds with one another over the practical effect of pacing in the context of delay claims. In this presentation, the speakers will explain:

  • what constitutes pacing
  • when contractors might pace on account of an employer delay
  • the practical impact of pacing delay, both on the project and on delay claims

The talk aims to create a better understanding of pacing and how it may be dealt with by both employers and contractors.

SILE Public CPD Point: 1

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SFIC: SingaPlural 2016 – For Studio Asobi, the sky is barely the limit


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Built Environment and Property Prospects Seminar 2016

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*Note: - The venue is now changed to Orchard Hotel, Singapore
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India: IIA NATCON 2015

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The National Convention is an annual congregation of Architects organized by The Indian Institute of Architects. IIA NATCON 2015 is being hosted by IIA West Bengal CHAPTER on behalf of the National body to bring together the professionals to discuss and deliberate the various facets of Architectural development, practice and education and the future vision. 

The Convention is being organized on the 18th & 19th of December 2015.



A City’s character is defined by its people and their spaces.

Before the dawn of civilization, there were no “people”, only individuals. Individuals who used and enjoyed spaces created by nature; caves for shelter, rivers for bathing, moonlights for gazing and seas to contemplate. With time, community-living and society-living evolved and the need for different kinds of spaces – built and unbuilt came about. And hence the need for an architect to shape these spaces and define the experiences of the people using them arose.

Spaces and buildings that create them could be of different types. Of which, public spaces are the building blocks that visually impact urban society. They provide the ultimate challenge to the architects as they are prone to be critically appraised by the best critics of our society—the public at large. Starting from Hadrian’s Villa to the Roman Forum, from Nalanda to Fatepur Sikri, public buildings with their plazas and squares have defined aspirations of the civil societies. Through the ages, at different points, political, religious and commercial powers have dreamt big and their architects have toiled hard to give shape to their dreams. But these were also dreams which brought people together and formed strong foundations for cohesive societies and gave expression to their intellectual or creative thoughts. The transformation of how public spaces and buildings are perceived and conceived today can be sensed through the newer creations around us.

Complementing the spaces and buildings that are shared property, there are those that are designed for specific purposes or for a specific target group. Living, communication, transport, games, shopping, working, entertainment are some on an endless list of activities that require the architect’s expertise.

Architects are gifted with the opportunity to decide what people see and experience. A space designed by an architect has the potential not just to draw people but also embrace them over time and generations.

The theme People and their Spaces aims at exploring how spaces are shaped by people and people shaped by spaces. And what better venue can you think of other than Kolkata, the home of the “argumentative Indian”? We at the IIA, West Bengal Chapter are proud to host National Convention on People and their Spaces in December 2015.

Friends, do join us for this convention and enjoy the People and the spaces of Kolkata.


Annual Construction Law Update 2016

Wednesday 27 January 2016, 05:00pm - 07:30pm

Location :STI Auditorium, Level 9, 168 Robinson Road Capital Tower, Singapore 068912

Date: Wednesday 27 January 2016

Time: 05:00pm - 07:30pm

About the Seminar:

Since the Inaugural Annual Construction Law Updates seminar in January 2011, SCL (Singapore) has organised an annual update which has been well-received as a key landmark in each year's construction law-related training calendar. SCL (Singapore) is pleased to present its must-attend annual overview of key legal issues affecting the construction law industry in Singapore this past year. Our distinguished speakers, Mr. Christopher Chuah and Dr. Philip Chan, will discuss updates on cases relating to the Security of Payment Act and development in Construction Law in Singapore.

Seminar Programme:

5.00-5.30pm Registrations & Networking for Delegates
5.30-5.45pm Opening Remarks by Chairman:Mr. Alex Wong – Vice Chairman, Society of Construction Law; Partner, Hogan Lovells Lee & Lee

Recent Developments in relation to the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act (SOP Act)

Common Problems and Potential Solutions:

Computation of timelines in relation to service of payment claims and payment responses under the SOP Act;

  1. Whether prolongation claims can be claimed under the SOP Act;
  2. Interpretation of ‘adjudicated upon’ and repeat claims;
  3. What constitutes “pay-when-paid” provisions;
  4. What are provisions deemed to be in breach of section 36 of the SOP Act
  5. What constitutes failure to comply with the SOP Act and/or Regulations and consequences


Mr. Christopher Chuah, Partner, WongPartnership

Developments in Construction Law (2015)

This year three CA cases would be reviewed. The first case reminds all of us to take precaution in avoiding being liable for our independent contractor’s negligence liability. The second case examines what appears to be the start  of a new trend to limit Singapore’s position of granting an injunction against a call of the bond because of unconscionability  by way of a contractual clause. The third case warns of the pit falls in the reliance of terms like market and market value/price in the valuation of variation clauses. This would be followed by a review of 6 High Court cases touching on areas like Negligence and WSHA; Termination; Challenges against successful restraining the call of an on-demand bond; Confidentiality of drawings; Scope of indemnity clause; and payment dispute with an overview on the yet-to-be implemented design for safety regulations.


Dr. Philip Chan – Associate Professor, National University of Singapore

7.00 -7.30pm

Q&A Session

About the Speakers:-

Mr. Christopher Chuah, Partner, WongPartnership

Christopher Chuah heads the Infrastructure, Construction & Engineering Practice and is a Partner in the China Practice. His main areas ofpractice encompass both front-end drafting/advice and construction disputes, both litigation and arbitration. He is a leading light in the field of building and construction law and has authored various books on this subject. He is one of the General Editors of the Singapore Construction Adjudication Review. Christopher graduated from the London School of Economics. He is admitted to the English Bar and to the Singapore Bar. Apart from a law degree, Christopher has a Diploma in Surveying (Distinction) from the College of Estate Management, Reading, UK. Christopher is a legal advisor to the Singapore Contractors Association Limited, as well as a member of the Committee for International Construction and Building Contracts. He is a Fellow of the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators and Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, as well as the Chartered Institute of Building. He has also been appointed to the Singapore International Arbitration Centre’s Main Panel of Arbitrators and is also on the Panel of Arbitrators of the Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration. Christopher is an accredited adjudicator under the Building & Construction Industry Security of Payment Act (Cap 30B) and a member of the Construction Adjudicator AccreditationCommittee, formed by the Singapore Mediation Centre to assist with the training and accreditation of adjudicators

Dr. Philip Chan – Associate Professor, National University of Singapore

Dr Chan experience had included work in the area of the QS and construction lawyer. He is the programme director of the MSc (PM) and Associate Director of the Centre of Project Management and Construction Law. Philip is AIAJ’s Co-Editor and the Editorial Advisory Board member and Correspondent of the International Construction Law Review. He is a practising arbitrator and a Fellow of SIArb. Dr Chan has written twelve books as sole or co-author and had contributed articles to international construction law journals. He has delivered more than 200 conference/seminar papers and conducted numerous in-house training programmes on construction law, arbitration and adjudication.

About the Chairperson:-

Mr. Alex Wong – Vice Chairman, Society of Construction Law; Partner, Hogan Lovells Lee & Lee

Alex is a Partner in Hogan Lovells? Singapore office and a member of the Infrastructure, Energy, Resources and Projects practice. Respected by clients and recognised as a leading lawyer by independent industry publications such as Asia Pacific Legal 500 and IFLR1000, Alex has more than 18 years of experience advising on construction, infrastructure, energy and natural resources, PPP and government procurement projects in Singapore and across Asia. Alex speaks and writes regularly on a wide variety of infrastructure law related topics, including a chapter to a book endorsed by the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy in Singapore titled “Water Governance – An Evaluation of Alternative Architectures”. Alex is the Vice-Chairman of the Society of Construction Law in Singapore. He is also an adjunct professor for law of project finance at Singapore Management University. He is admitted to practice in Singapore and England and Wales.

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Location : STI Auditorium, Level 9, 168 Robinson Road Capital Tower, Singapore 068912

Contact : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 31273797 (VOIP no., no 6 prefix required)

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