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The training of an architect requires a high standard of academic ability, creativity, enthusiasm, and perseverance, as the typical architectural course at an university is at least five years long. A reasonable aptitude for mathematics and science is necessary as you will have to learn about the theory of structures, environmental science, the technology of buildings, and the properties and uses of materials. Ability in drawing, model making and sculpture is also very helpful.

However, mathematics, scientific and artistic abilities are only the basis of becoming a successful architect. These qualities are the tools of the architect's creative imagination. As a potential architect, you will need to develop a capacity for creative problem solving, an understanding of people's needs and aspirations, a feeling for design, and the ability to visualize in three dimensions. You will also be required to learn a rational and practical approach to solving problems. As an architect is expected to lead a team of consultants, leadership and organisation abilities will be very important, as well as interpersonal communication and presentation skills.

Lastly, a keen appreciation of the fine and performing arts is desirable, as it will nurture your sensitivity, sharpen your critical acuity and develop your design aptitude.

Although the experience of architectural training with its intellectual challenge and personal and social development will make it intrinsically rewarding, you will still want to know if it is worth the investment of your time and energy.

The answer is YES. Given the buoyant building industry and the promise of economic growth in the Asia-Pacific region, an architectural graduate should have no difficulty getting a job. No doubt the building industry is especially sensitive to the state of the economy and can be affected by its cycles. But architecture as a career should be seen as longterm commitment; the long-term prospects fully justify investing yourself in the process of training.


To be able to practice as an architect in Singapore, you must be registered with the Board of Architects Singapore (http://www.boa.gov.sg/) - a statutory board that regulates and controls the standard of practice.

To be able to be registered, you must ...

  • Obtain passes in at least two GCE 'A' level subjects or good passes in relevant architectural-related diplomas from local polytechnics/design schools
  • Pursue an architecture course in the School of Architecture at the National University of Singapore or Singapore University of Technology and Design or any other university recognised by the Board of Architects Singapore
  • Undergo two years of professional work after successfully completing your architectural course
  • Pass the Professional Practice Examination conducted by Board of Architects