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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Programme is established with the principal objective to help architects to develop professionally through continuous updating and upgrading of their skills set and knowledge, so that their knowledge and experience will remain current and relevant in a rapid changing environment. This is achieved through organizing educational courses, seminars, talks and other events. Since late 90s, these seminars/courses were restructured to meet the objectives and requirements of mandatory CPD programme.

CPD Committee was formed to oversee this important area of needs of members and architects and to plan and organize relevant CPD Programmes, through working with the various SIA Committees and CPD Service Providers such as Allied Professional Institutions, Government Agencies and Organisations. This working arrangement involving many parties will ensure wider coverage so that a wide range of issues, concerns and professional interest subjects could be addressed.
Through continuous development of their professional knowledge, architects are empowered and better equipped to meet the challenges of ever changing professional practice, rising demand and expectation of their clients as well as growing competition in the local and global arenas.

Since 2012, a “Professional Knowledge Seminar” series was put in place to focus on professional knowledge and learning experience with contents covering technology development, application of materials and systems, advantages and disadvantages, value for money etc. The Professional Knowledge Seminar series are complimentary for SIA members. 

3 series of Weekend Seminars have been implemented to cater to the needs of architects who travel frequently as well as those who are stationed overseas for a period of time. These Weekend Seminars are scheduled in a cluster of 2 to 3 held consecutively from Thursdays/Friday to Saturdays. They are especially helpful to architects who are stationed overseas in meeting their CPD point requirements in one weekend.

CPD Committee Members

Chairperson Lim Choon Keang
Advisor Theodore Chan
  Goh Chong Chia
 Members Lau Kwong Chung
  Wo Mei Lan
 Ex-officio Larry Ng