Board of Architectural Education

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The Board of Architectural Education (BAE) is responsible for promoting architectural education through educational programmes with the primary objective of raising the standard of the architectural profession.

One of the main programmes is Architectural Practice Course (APC) which is conducted on a yearly basis. This 6-month course accredited by Workforce Development Agency prepares the Professional Practice Examination (PPE) candidates for the PPE examination set by the Board of Architects (BOA) at the end of each year. The passing of the PPE is a prerequisite for registration with the BOA as Registered Architect. The curriculum of the APC is specially planned and designed to integrate theoretical principles with practice knowledge. The tutors are practicing professionals who share their real life experience and knowledge.  

A new programme, Architectural Detailing and Specifications Course (ADSC), was launched on 21 Oct 2013. The objective of this course is to raise general standard of architectural detailing in the profession, in particular among younger architects. It is also aimed at inculcating a culture of good architectural detailing.

Design for Safety Coordinator (DfSC) course was introduced in 2010 with the objective to equip Safety Coordinators with skills and knowledge to address and identify means to eliminate and/or mitigate any risks inherent in the design of a building project, leading to reduction in the safety and health risks during construction, maintenance/ repair phase, demolition of the building and structure as well as the ability to coordinate the flow of construction project safety and health. This course has been conducted on a yearly basis jointly with Association of Consulting Engineers Singapore (ACES) since 2010. In view of growing importance and emphasis on Workplace Safety and Health, DfSC is conducted on a bi-annually basis from 2013 onwards.

There is an untapped and a substantial source of wisdom and professional knowledge among our senior members gained through many years of professional and academic experience. It is beneficial to tap into this valuable source of wisdom and professional knowledge and to engage our senior members to share their rich knowledge and experience with the architectural fraternity. In line with this, a series of talks entitled ‘SMART’, i.e. SIA Master Architect’s Talk, was initiated. SMART enables our senior members to re-engage the profession and our general membership in a meaningful way. Those who are not privileged with such experience will benefit by gaining greater insights into architectural practice through these talks.

In addition to conduct courses and talks for the architectural fraternity, Career Talk on Architecture are also conducted for Secondary Schools and Junior Colleges. This talk widens students’ understanding of architectural career options and working life as well as providing a better insight when transiting from school to working life.
Senior Architect – Student Mentorship Programme is put in place to benefit SIA student members, mainly from the Department of Architecture, NUS. The main objective of this Programme is to help students gain better understanding of and insights into architectural practice. It is also intended to forge professional relationship between the students and architectural firms at an early stage as well as bridging employment expectation gaps between the students and the firms. 

Board of Architectural Education Committee Members

Chairperson Lim Choon Keang
Co-Chairperson Loh Ju Hon
Advisor Chan Eng Chye Theodore
  Ashvinkumar s/o Kantilal
  Lim Kheng Chye
Member Tay Kheng Soon
  Ong Tze Boon
  Chan Seng Kee
  Prof Tse-Yu Swee Ling (Ms)
  Hoong Bee Lok
  Mark Wee
  Leong Tatt Man


Architectural Detailing (AD) Sub-Committee Members


Lim Choon Keang

  Loh Ju Hon