Archifest Zero Waste Pavilion

Category: E4 Others
Architect: WOW Architects
Client: Singapore Institute of Architects

Design Award

The jury commends the Archifest 2012 Pavilion as a praiseworthy innovative piece of architecture. Given the theme of the festival, the Pavilion had successfully addressed the the question of temporal architecture and celebrates it by creating a structure made of fully recyclable materials that could be assembled and then dismantled quickly.

The idea of a zero-waste design that had maximum impact on the participants but minimal impact on the site and the overall environment is highly commendable. In one sense, the redistribution and reuse of the materials also ensured the true success of the Pavilion long after the end of the festival.

Given the inherent duality of the site, with one side facing Clarke Quay, vibrant and bustling with life, and the other facing Fort Canning Hill, with its quiet, reposeful and almost mythical character, the appropriateness of the pavilion to the site is definitely laudable.

Responding directly to these contrasting characters, and the history of the site of the pavilion, which used to be an area for social activities, the use of an undulating web membrane inspired curiosity and awe amongst public and visitors alike.

The design of this simple structure was enriched through its differentiation of four distinct zones namely, the naturally ventilated enclosed space for seminars and talks, the open-to-the sky corridor space for break-out conversations, the semi-open sheltered space for art installations and finally the outdoor space for picnics and movie screenings.

These spaces allowed for a great variety of activities and extended the confines of the pavilion to beyond the sheltered area, and created a memorable setting for a well-designed and conceived event.