Gardens By the Bay

Category: E4 Others
Architect: CPG Consultants Pte Ltd
Client: Gardens By The Bay

Design Award

Strategically placed and programmatically rich, the 54-hectare Bay South Gardens sited at Marina Bay, brings about a diverse of unique and attractive garden spaces, with two distinctive glazed Conservatories, clusters of 18 man-made structures known as the ‘SuperTrees’, an interconnected lake system and various themed gardens to display thousands of plant species, educating the public in horticulture and ecology, while creating a highly experiential and almost surreal verdant   environment for public and tourist alike.

Besides its distinctive outlook, the jury is also impressed by the extensive integration of innovative green technology and sustainable solutions in the design of the garden development. Renewable energy is used to provide energy efficient cooling that allows various biomes to be replicated within Singapore’s tropical setting, showcasing plant displays from the cool-dry springtime climate of the Mediterranean-type, semi-arid regions and the Tropical Montane Climate.

Gardens by the Bay has set a new benchmark for local as well as regional garden and public recreational developments, with its integrated design approach of public infrastructure, landscape, social settings and sustainable environmental systems and solutions. The various strategies implemented within the garden development create an interdependent ecosystem that enables it to function as a truly sustainable design that is green in look and in heart.