55 Blair Road

Category: E3 Conservation
Architect: ONG&ONG Pte Ltd
Client: Alexis Fosler

Honourable Mention

55 Blair Road expresses a strong harmony between the old and the new, striking a fine balance between the rich history of the house and the necessities of modern-day living. This project showcases a mastery of materials which further enhances the strong relationship between nature and modernity, adding to the character of the house.

The choice of using a metallic skin within the courtyard and on the kitchen’s walls are not merely aesthetically significant but also act as reflective surfaces that help enhance the sun’s illumination. The courtyard space has been designed to be an integral part of the house, allowing for natural ventilation and as a light well within the constraints of a shophouse. The absence of walls and partitions enhances a sense of fluidity through the various spaces on the different storeys, creating an experiential journey as one transverses through the building horizontally and vertically.

Overall, the project exemplifies a fine equilibrium between its 4 key design ideas of light, spatial continuity, symmetry and sensitivity to the old.