Changi Airport Terminal 1 Upgrading

Category: D3 Transport Building
Architect: Architects 61 Pte Ltd
Client: Changi Airport Group (S) Pte Ltd

Honourable Mention

The key design inspiration of a lantern brings a refreshing touch to the retrofitting of the oldest terminal in Changi airport; significantly increasing the visibility of the terminal from afar and increasing the quality of the visitor experience.

The integration of other architectural elements like the skylights created from new openings within the existing roof of the building help to bring in much needed filtered day-light into the heart of the building. Other features such as the landscaped central piazza also help to bring in the ample sunlight and provide the user with dramatic views of the runway.

The architect's attention to the overall user experience is noteworthy, achieved through creating lush landscaping opportunities and improving the existing spaces such as the entrance canopy and the departure hall areas amongst others.

Overall, the retrofitting works on Changi Airport Terminal 1 has successfully improved the visitor experience in the airport and the various additions like the “Kinetic Rain” display and increased retail space has made it a destination of its own.  The Jury appreciates the considerable efforts in this undertaking while the terminal remains operational throughout the entire construction period.