137 Market Street

Category: E2 Retrofitting
Architect: Teh Joo Heng Architects
Client: Grace Global Ventures Pte Ltd

Design Award

Instead of embarking on a complete demolition and new erection project to maximise the unutilised GFA, the client and the architect of 137 Market Street took on the challenges of retrofitting the existing pre-stressed building with numerous creative interventions, of re-using of the original structures, and introduction of new ones. The considerable effort in planning and coordination is recognised at various aspects of the design of the project.

Architecturally, the redesigned façade, of curtain walls, with bay window and monsoon window articulations; gives character to the building, whilst reducing air-conditioning load and energy consumption, was a thoughtful modification to the existing structure. This development displays sensitivity to the needs of the users and the environment, with the integration of various active features such as a pre-cooled air system, air purging system and the use of Building Management System, to elevate the comfort of the users and energy efficiency of the building.

Overall, the jury applauds the sustainable design ethos of 137 Market Street to reduce and reuse, which has succeeded in creating a renewed building with progressive and environmentally friendly features.