CleanTech One

Category: D1 Industrial Buildings
Architect: Surbana International Consultants Pte Ltd
Client: JTC Corporation

Honourable Mention

The design of CleanTech One is commended for its well-conceived solutions for urbanized settings in the Tropics as well as integration of clean technology products. With a holistic approach which seeks to balance the environmental, economic and social aspects of a sustainable design, it is an appropriate model for future Eco-Business Park developments.

The visual treatment of perforated screens which wraps around the building, comprising of controlled and modulated perforations, creates a powerful presence for the development that articulated clarity and simplicity.

Departing from a conventional business tech building, a ‘Living Atrium’ with lush greenery is designed at the heart of the building, allowing not just visual connectivity from the working zone to the public zone; it creates an inclusive public environment that provides a conducive setting for gathering and interaction.

Pockets of sky gardens are provided along the peripheral of the circulatory corridors which allows for natural ventilation combined with effective shading system.

In addition to the extensive landscaping, the incorporation of ecological features, renewable energy resources coupled with the application of passive design in the building demonstrates sustainability values that are tailored for the Tropics, to achieve a seamless and benign integration of the built environment and nature.