Singapore Life Church

Category: C2 Religious Buildings
Architect: LAUD Architects Pte Ltd
Client: Singapore Life Church

Honourable Mention

Given the challenge of replacing of a previously iconic building, the architect has shown considerable design sensitivity and effort, with the contemporary interpretation of the sweeping roof form reminiscent of traditional church buildings, to create a refreshing outlook for the church. Efforts were made to relate its entrance to one of the openings of LASALLE College of the Arts across the street to respond to the urban context which allows for visual and physical permeability.

One of the project’s distinctive qualities is the monolithic white aluminium roof with its aluminium filigree façade that not only enhance the visual qualities of the church but also provide a layer of sun shading for the building.

The use of perforated aluminium panels on the façade that allows light to permeate through, creates a strong visual identity, adding richness and vibrancy of the surrounding context especially at nightfall, where light filters out from within, befitting its concept of a beacon of light of the site.