Gardens By the Bay - Conservatory

Category: B5 Recreational Buildings
Architect: CPG Consultants Pte Ltd
Client: Gardens By The Bay

Design Award

Gardens by the Bay, designed to be Singapore’s new national gardens in the heart of the city, is applauded by the jury, for its distinguished design ethos and qualities that have reshaped the iconic skyline of our city and made it one of the key urban beacons in Singapore’s urban landscape.

The two cooled conservatories, one of which that features the world’s largest single-span grid shell glass system, are elegantly designed, creating dramatic volumes with maximized daylight into the domes, whilst providing an experiential, all-weather edutainment space within the Gardens by bringing the outdoors gardens indoor.

The jury applauds its sustainability efforts such as minimising heat gain through the use of high e-glass and sensor-operated sails over the glass roof to control the amount of light and heat penetrating the space; cooling the lower levels of the air space using floor embedded chilled water pipe; dehumidifying the air using desiccant that is heated up using waste heat from the burning of biomass to generate electricity to run the chillers.  It is truly a spectacular project that successfully showcases nature in a man-made environment designed with sustainability principles.