Green Collection

Category: A5 Cluster Housing
Architect: RT+Q Architects Pte Ltd
Client: Green Collection Pte Ltd

Design Award

The Green Collection is an attractive cluster housing product that stands out as a visual counterpoint in the midst of flamboyant aesthetic in Sentosa Cove.
Creating differentiation through uniformity, the street front façade is particularly distinctive. Quiet yet sharp design moves differentiate the design from others, where materiality and attention to detail come strongly into play. The tectonic precision and intent in each fold, incision and opening define clearly the architectural elements of each unit. With a simple yet strong control of the repetitive cladding, the impact of small differentiation by staggering and subtle variation is pleasantly evident, and adds depth and interest to the development.

The contrast between the heavier road facing front facade and the thin skin of full height curtain walls on the side fronting the golf course, creates interesting dialectics between the two ends of the dwelling, in response to its immediate context. In addition, the attention to details and materials, from their change in scale of of interior spaces and down to designing to a human scale, results in refined and comfortable interior spaces.

The jury are in full consensus that this development reads well as a cohesive whole, well integrated into its site and environment, and on a smaller scale, enjoyable and relevant to its users and inhabitants.