Namly House

Category: A4 Terrace / Semi-Detached Houses
Architect: CHANG Architects
Client: Andrew Chew

Design Award

The jury is impressed by the striking qualities of this project of how it has been skilfully crafted to accommodate the dynamic family relationships as well as enhance the way they interact and live. Each architectural element and landscaping element is thoughtfully placed with clear intent, be it as creating space definers, connectors or sensory-enhancements or DIY gardens.
The indoor landscaping within the house is effective in enhancing the interior living quality and adds an element of fun and relaxation into the spaces. A lot of thought went into creating a naturally ventilated interior using strategically placed voids to create a very permeable yet private house.  Reusing waste energy effectively and utilising plants as heat insulators are some of the commendable eco-friendly features.
For a modest house, the architect has created many individual small beautiful, pleasant and useful spaces, such as the stepped garden terraces, naturally ventilated family interaction spaces to give space for the varied needs of the occupants.  In essence, the Namly House celebrates the warmth and delight of multi-generation living without compromising on freedom, differing needs and privacy of each occupant.