Party House

Category: A3 Individual Houses
Architect: W Architects Pte Ltd
Client: Han Seng Juan & Kang Lee Cheng Susanna

Honourable Mention

The Party House has a unique brief as an architecture dedicated solely for leisure and entertainment. It is commended for its complex yet subtle way of depicting luxury living architecturally.

Externally, the building departs from the grain of typical showy and ostentatious constructs found at Sentosa Cove through its sense of materiality and control. The high quality off-form concrete finish attests to the skillful upfront planning and coordination on the part of the architect.

Spatially, the design of a fluid and interconnected series of themed spaces allows for a varied and differential experience to delight and thrill the guests. Richness in the various environments of entertainment and enjoyment is enhanced through the strategic use of, interior lighting and sensitive use of materials and texture.

In a wider context, the design of the Party House responds well with its surrounding, offering a panoramic view to the sea surrounding Sentosa Island.

The innovative use of the diaphanous stainless steel veil provides privacy from the neighbourhood yet not compromising natural ventilation and views out to the surrounding. Its use also adds a touch of softness to the architecture and creates a beautiful backdrop to the after-dinner entertainment spaces.