The Winged House

Category: A3 Individual Houses
Architect: K2LD Architects Pte Ltd
Client: Mr & Mrs Vinod Kumar

Design Award

The winged house celebrates the architectural element of the roof, which has always been key in tropical vernacular architecture. Largely driven by the play of the roof form, as well as the need to fully utilise an angular site and existing greenery, a unique and rather organic piece of architecture emerges.
The building is organised with two trapezium-shaped massing, following the geometry of the site that opens out towards the existing greenery, creating a highly celebrated sense of arrival as one enters the house.

Extending from the massing, the winged roofs, with its large overhangs, provide shelter, shade and protection from elements effectively. The overlapping split roof form is a successful reinterpretation of the double pitched roof for cross ventilation, and adds to the spatial quality of the spaces within. The drama of the roof forms extends indoor, creating equally exciting volumes, with the interface between the roof and the wall and glazing constantly drawing attention to the beauty of the roof.
The main staircase of the house, reflecting the same folding language as the roof, is well designed and well poised within the dwelling spaces.
The handling of materiality and detailing is skillful in bringing out the lightness of the roof which at once is also very much present. The project is undoubtedly successful in cohesive expression and aesthetics, with a good balance of functionality and drama.