36 Victoria Park

Category: A3 Individual Houses
Architect: ip:li Architects
Client: Mrs Dorothy Wee

Design Award

The appeal of the house at 36 Victoria Park comes from simple primordial house form perched atop sprawling elevated grounds. The contrast between the openness of the first storey to breezes, natural light, connection to the landscape, against the elevated screened volume which provides privacy and security gives the building a distinctive character.
The sectional quality of the house is interesting with the play of varying internal spatial volumes, with the central high volume light well as the main core that ties the open first floor with the volume and spaces above.

In terms of materiality and detailing, the sensitive selection of materials, textures and colours allows the architecture to gracefully age with time, while the dark rough external palettes of exposed reinforced concrete and mild steel fencing blends the building with the surrounding landscape.

Through simple but effective passive design features, such as strategically placed concrete shafts, high volumes and generous balconies, natural light and good cross ventilation are harnessed to create a comfortable environment for the residents.

It is a simple architecture gesture yet one that is layered with considerations for the environment, its occupants and the site, resulting in a stunning re-reading of the basic house form.