Courtyard House

Category: A3 Individual Houses
Architect: Formwerkz Architects
Client: Mr Marc Kuah

Design Award

The design of the courtyard house portrays a strong relationship between periphery and core. With an interesting massing where a courtyard is designed between two parallel blocks; the public and private realms layered in a spatial procession from the street subtly reinforced the privacy-seeking nature of its inhabitants.

Upon entry, the courtyard space lying at the heart of the building, greets one dramatically in relation to the wide expense of outdoor space, and the beautiful backdrop of still water and tall trees.

The communal spaces on the ground floor are generous, open and connected with the courtyard. The circulation of the house circumambulates the main courtyard, capitalizing on the fresh air and daylight afforded by the layout

In materiality, the design features different textures and patterns, from the perforated concrete wall to the timber lattice screens and full height glass windows to suggest the programme and functions within as well as their preferred level of privacy. These materials, textures and details also add richness and variety to the expression of different parts of the dwelling.

In short, the jury applauds the architect for a well-crafted piece of architecture that creatively blends contemplative qualities of inner tranquil core with the adventurous periphery, to allow the residents to experience the beauty of both realms from the same house.