Kent Vale

Category: A1 Apartments /Condominiums
Architect: MKPL Architects Pte Ltd
Client: National University of Singapore

Design Award

The jury is impressed by how the design of this faculty housing successfully integrated realms of domesticity and civic monumentality to emerge as a key landmark on an urban level, yet the scale humanised effectively as one explores the internal spaces of the development.

The progression from the formal ground floor to semi-public porticos linking communal facilities to private social gardens showcases a good mix of well-planned spaces.

The development also displays strategic consideration for expanding future needs, as well as relationships with its current environment, integrating the abutting Clementi Woods and existing developments to form a focal point for the overall faculty housing development.

The architect has also taken bold attempts in introducing a strong sense of materiality with its off-form concrete finishes giving the development a distinctive outlook. Various architectural elements such as modular green walls, balconies and screens are thoughtfully placed to double up as strategic sun shading, adding richness to the facade. The detailing of the internal spaces is elegant, light and porous, cleverly bridging the interior and exterior.

The design is the culmination of sustained analytical design melding function, sustainability and buildability in a well resolved architectural form, balancing between socio-economical, institutional, technical and programmatic considerations.